2017 SPUP Research Grant

The Research Grant

Each research grant provides at least Php75,000 for applicants who are currently working on or would like to start research projects that are aligned with the University Research Agenda. Preference will be given to collaborative research that involves any combination of classroom practitioner, administrator, and/or an outside researcher. Applicants for the award must pass their Research Proposal to the Research and Publications Office for In-house Review.

    The Research Proposal
  • Research problem may be drawn from either of the following:
    • The research agenda and strategic directions of the University
    • Other identified priority themes
  • The faculty researcher must follow the prescribed format (refer to the Research Proposal Format).
    • An introduction which includes the rationale, statement of the problem and the significance of the study.
    • Theoretical Framework
    • Methodology (Research Design, Instrumentation, Sampling Techniques and Statistical Treatment)
    • Manpower to be involved
    • Expenditures to be incurred in the Study
    • Gantt Chart of the Research Activity. All researches should be finished before the end of the school year.
  • The proposal title and specific problems must be initially approved by the Research Director.
  • The proponent should submit a research proposal to the Research and Publications Office. The research proposal passes through the scrutiny of the Research Evaluation Team to look into its merits. In case the proposal is not considered favorable by the Research Evaluation Team, it shall be returned to the proponent for revision.
  • All proposals will be prepared in three copies at the expense of the proponent.
  • The research proposals will pass through in-house review to ensure that all proposals are within the quality standards and meets ethical requirements. Reviewers also assess whether the research proposals pass the standards for funding.

Evaluation Criteria

Proposals will be evaluated according to the following criteria (100 points total):
  • 20 points: Feasibility of the project (in terms of scope, time, budget, qualifications of the applicant)
  • 20 points: Relevance to topics/themes in the University Research Agenda
  • 20 points: Quality of the written proposal, i.e., clarity, organization, and design (method, data, analysis)
  • 15 points: Potential contribution to the knowledge base
  • 10 points: Evidence of familiarity with current scholarship supporting the inquiry
  • 10 points: Impact on applicant’s practice and/or scholarship
  • 5 points: Effective combination of classroom practitioner, administrator, and/or an outside researcher

Application Process

Eligible applicants:
The lead applicant must be a full time faculty member of St. Paul University Philippines.

Adjudication Process:
Proposals will be reviewed by the Research Evaluation Team identified by the Research and Publications Office and qualified external reviewers.

Award recipients will be notified after the review.

Award recipients agree to share their preliminary analysis in an Institutional Research Forum, submit a progress report to the RPO, and sign a memorandum of understanding with RPO regarding the scope of work to be undertaken.

Proposal Deadline:
Batch 1: June 15, 2016
Batch 2: September 15, 2016
Batch 3: December 15, 2015
Batch 4: March 15, 2017

If you have any questions, please contact the Research and Publications Office.

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