Addressing critical concerns relative to the mental health issues among the youth, SPUP’s Guidance Services Unit and Psychology Department initiated a Regional Seminar on Mental Health. Held on March 25, 2024, it bannered the theme, “Creating and Leading a Mentally Healthy and Resilient Life to Flourish and Thrive.” The event was delivered through a hybrid mode, combining in-person at the Sacred Heart of Jesus Training Center (Global Center Function Hall) and online participation via Microsoft Teams. It was attended by over 200 participants, consisting of Guidance Counselors, Mental Health Advocates, Psychology Teachers, and Psychology Students from different Higher Education Institutions in the region. The convergence aimed to equip the participants with essential skills in managing mental well-being effectively; and to lead actions towards mental health advocacy.

Through a series of insightful presentations and discussions, attendees were provided with strategies to understand and regulate emotions, promote well-being through mindfulness and positive psychology, and build resilience in the face of setbacks.

The speakers talked about pivotal topics pertinent to youth mental health. Ms. Norlizah Reyes delved into the intricacies of emotion regulation, emphasizing the importance of understanding emotions in daily life. Meanwhile, Ms. Ma. Kathleen Mae Haban illuminated the benefits of mindfulness and positive psychology in fostering overall well-being. Lastly, Ms. Mary Grace Pepito, in her online presentation, guided the participants on the journey of building resilience, offering invaluable insights on overcoming obstacles and persevering through challenges. The seminar served as a platform for the participants to share their experiences and insights in navigating the complexities of mental health with confidence and resilience.

The undertaking was successfully accomplished through the leadership of Dr. Claudeth Gamiao (Head, Guidance Services/Program Coordinator, Psychology) with the support of SPUP Guidance Facilitators and students of the Psychology Department.