SPUP’s Graduate School, through the leadership of Dr. Inicia C. Bansig, (Dean, Graduate School) initiated the conduct of a research webinar on February 26, 2022 with the theme “Blazing New Trails in Creativity, Innovation and Sustainability.” More than five hundred participants both locally and internationally joined the well-anticipated webinar via MS TEAMS.

Dr. Edison Fermin (Vice President for Academic Affairs, National Teachers College) served as the resource speaker of the virtual conference. He highlighted the value of research and innovation in today’s knowledge and innovation management spaces. He explained that research and innovation defined the way educators were going to create a new way of looking at things in their attempt to recover from all that has been lost due to the pandemic situation especially that the world was already transitioning to and endemic context; thus, emphasizing that the engagement in research and innovation would create a huge difference.  He explained a comprehensive understanding of what constituted a context wherein creativity, innovation and sustainability would contribute to the thriving of all humans beings; thus, entitling his talk, Towards  Creativity, Innovation, and Sustainability– rooted on the forum’s theme, in the hope of imparting his lesson especially to the people who engaged in the education sector. He ended his talk by explaining that the journey towards becoming better human beings at the end of a crisis was the reason why they needed to become more creative, innovative, and sustainable in their views and approaches towards the over all human experience. He highlighted that the combination of Caritas, Veritas and Scientia, were the underlying drivers of creativity, innovation and sustainability.

After the plenary, the participants were invited in the different concurrent sessions divided into clusters namely, Health Care Innovations, Quality Innovations in Teaching and Learning, Sustainable Development and Service Learning, Technology-based, Value and Entrepreneurial Innovations and Spirituality and Humanities and Quality of Life (Mental Health and Well-Being). Thus, various presenters were both local and international researchers.