Dr. Fe Mallari (Dean, School of Arts, Sciences, and Teacher Education), and Dr. John Kit Masigan (Grade School Student Activity Chair) have been selected and adjudged to be among the 100 Inspiring Teachers in the Philippines in the Ten Outstanding Guro Awards (TOGA) Initiated by Junior Chamber International (JCI) Manila for molding young minds to be extraordinary. JCI Manila revealed the list of winners on November 22, 2021 to celebrate unsung heroes who have dedicated their lives to cultivate, enrich, and engage their students towards holistic learning.

Dr. Mallari experienced teaching in Mozambique, Africa where she was invited by some higher education institutions to speak about topics in Education, Multiple Intelligences, Classroom Management, Stress Management and the like. She said, “My being a teacher is not only confined in the classroom. I am always concerned about the welfare of my students, whether by being a counselor for the vulnerable or a leader to my department.”

As a published author of the book titled “To My 25-Year-Old Self: Surviving Quarter-Life Crisis,” Dr. Masigan had dedicated the work to all students and teachers who might be struggling from depression, anxiety, or paranoia which they never have spent much time thinking about. “For someone who experienced anxiety first-hand, I knew I can use my experience and stories of vulnerabilities to open up a conversation with people within my circle of influence. It was then when I decided to write a book that can bring the issues on mental health into a wider reach.” he added.

Meanwhile, the Eighth City Council of Tuguegarao passed City Resolution No. 556-08-2021, commending Dr.  John Kit Masigan and Dr. Fe Mallari, for being selected among the 100 Inspiring Teachers in the Philippines, during the 118th Regular Session held on December 27, 2021 . JCI Manila believes that as teachers continue to be instruments of change, it is but right to express how influential they have become and share to the world their remarkable acts of inspiration.