Two Paulinian elementary pupils namely, Tristha Ayischa Tolentino and Jessie Jr. Dela Cruz seized a winning streak in various National and International Mathematics competitions.  Now in their fourth grade, both Tolentino and Dela Cruz have been garnering awards for the past years in the field of mathematics which manifests their excellence brought by their continuous training in either virtual or face-to-face platforms. They have reaped the following awards in separate competitions locally and abroad.

Ms. Tristha Ayischa B. Tolentino won the following: Thailand International Mathematical Olympiad Finals 2020-2021- Heat and Final round Bronze Award; Guangdong-Hong King- Macao- Greater Bay Area Mathematical Olympiad- heat and final round-Bronze Award; Hongkong International Math Olympiad- heat round-Bronze Award; Philippine International Math and Science Olympics Math National Round 2021- Distinction Award/ Achiever Award; 2021 Challenge for the Future Mathematicians- Bronze Award; Philippine International Mathematical Olympiad heat round – Bronze Award; Center for Education in Mathematics and Computing Pascal Contest- Participation award 8. Spring Round of the Eighth International Tournament Mathematics Without Borders; 2020/2021 International Mathematics Assessments for Schools- Certificate of Participation; ITMC 2021 – Merit Award; Virtual Topic-Appropriate Mathematics Program and Stimulation- Certificate of Completion; 2020 DOST Youth Excellence in Science Award; Southeast Asian Mathematica Olympiad- Participation; Southeast Asian Mathematical Olympiad X2020 – Merit Award; and, International Kangaroo Mathematics – Philippines 2021- Credit Award.

Mr. Jessie Jr Dela Cruz was awarded the following: MCFKTP 2020 – Perfect Scorer; KGL Contest in English 2021 – 94.00% Overall Score; Hua Xia Cup 2021 – 2nd Honor/Silver Medalist; IKMC 2021 – Silver Medalist; ITMC 2021 – Silver Medalist; IMWiC 2020 – Silver Medalist; IMOYA 2020 – Bronze Medalist; AMC 8 – Third Place/Bronze Medalist; CFM 2021 – Bronze Medalist; WMO 2021 – Bronze Medalist; IMAS 2021, SEAMO 2021, 17TH IMSO 2021 – Credit Award; and, UNRMO 2020-2021 Qualifier for Rounds 1 & 2 – Merit Award.

As true Paulinian pride, these math wizards have been sustaining their outstanding performance through the years, the awards they have garnered for this academic year are only an added laurel to their previous feats since their younger grades. SPUP, in its continuous pursuit for excellence, recognizes pupils such as Tolentino and Dela Cruz for giving honor to the institution at a young age.