Intensifying SPUP Community Action Responding to Emergency Situation (SPUP CARES) and Handog Pag-ibig Project, St. Paul University Philippines (SPUP) – Community Extension Services, in collaboration with the School of Medicine, School of Arts, Sciences and Teacher Education, School of Information Technology, School of Business, Accountancy and Hospitality Management, and the Basic Education Unit and its Family Council conducted a series of community outreach activities on October 28-30, 2020.

As SPUP CARES is entrenched with disaster response and recovery program, SPUP donated Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), hygiene kits, school supplies and family activity sheets to Brgy. Magogod, Amulung; Brgy. Aggugaddan, Peñablanca; Brgy. Maguirig and Brgy. General Balao, Solana; and Brgy.  Roma Sur and Magalalag, Enrile, Cagayan.

Concurrently, SPUP mobilized selected Paulinian Volunteers for Community Development UNESCO Club (PVCD) student leaders led by Mardilyn Garcia (PVCD-President), for a tutorial learning activity to daycare children in line with Handog Pag-ibig Project’s goal on Education For All (EFA) especially to the indigenous children in spite of the pandemic.

Meanwhile, Mrs. Noemi Cabaddu, (Director, Community Extension Services) exemplified, “These endeavors show the continuing efforts of SPUP to foster the well-being of its partner communities and the indigenous people (IP), while inspiring young student leaders to extend their services in the community in their unique ways despite this pandemic.”

SPUP CARES and Handog Pag-ibig Project are flagship programs of SPUP and PVCD-UNESCO Club in responding to the COVID-19 pandemic.