September 25, 2020 – As SPUP continues to foster quality and relevant education through its e-learning program, it has partnered with Lecturio as its study resource for the University’s medicine, nursing, and allied health sciences courses. Through the said learning platform, teachers and students may access an array of learning resources (video lectures), simulations (3D models), interactive assessments (quizzes), testing assets or test banks, and clinical/medical case scenarios for their academic engagement activities.

Combining science, technology, and medical education, SPUP Lecturio fosters learning tools for the students as they endeavor to master the needed knowledge, skills, and attitudes to become outstanding healthcare and medical providers. Lecturio’s content is contributed by physicians and educators from top caliber medical schools, like Harvard University, Johns Hopkins University, and University College London. 

As the platform is now accessible online, students and teachers in SPUP’s School of Medicine (SOM) and School of Nursing and Allied Health Sciences (SNAHS) may now download the application (app) using either iOS or Android.

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