After a successful academic and cultural immersion in Yogyakarta, Indonesia in 2017, the Information Technology and Engineering department continued their commitment to providing students with international exposure opportunities. This time, 24 students together with three faculty members embarked on a two-week academic and industry immersion in Singapore and Malaysia, in collaboration with Omega International College.

During their experience, the participants explored into emerging topics shaping the future of business and technology, such as Entrepreneurship, Digital Transformation, AI in Marketing, and Web 3.0, through engaging workshops and discussions.

The group had the privilege of visiting prominent companies in the tech industry, including GNey Software Sdn Bhd and Newpages Network Sdn Bhd in Malaysia. At GNey Software, Tee Ke Yeng (founder and cloud solution architect) shared insights into software development best practices, particularly focusing on low-code and no-code technologies, while Newpages Network provided valuable insights into running an IT company, cybersecurity, and leveraging AI for enhanced work efficiency.

In Singapore, the group had the opportunity to explore Huawei Technologies, where they learned about current IT trends, Huawei’s sustainable development initiatives, and experienced Singapore’s first 5G-powered AI lab. The lab showcased cutting-edge technology, including extensive 5G support and cloud platforms.

Aside from industry visits, the students also enjoyed exploring iconic landmarks in Singapore, such as the Merlion and Marina Bay Sands, while taking a well-deserved break at Lego Land in Malaysia.

The academic and cultural immersion culminated in a closing ceremony on April 7, led by Omega International College’s Co-Founder and CEO, Prof. Dr. Raymond See, and Co-Founder and CFO, Prof. Dr. Stephanie Loke. Certificates of completion were awarded to the participants, who shared their insights and key takeaways, emphasizing the profound impact the experience had on their academic and cultural journey.

This immersion not only broadened the students’ academic horizons but also enriched their cultural awareness and global perspectives, equipping them with invaluable skills and knowledge for their future endeavors in the ever-evolving field of technology and engineering.