The Junior Psychological Society (JPS) of the School of Arts, Sciences, and Teacher Education (SASTE) spearheaded “PSYCH TALKS 2024,” an online webinar which discussed current challenges and emerging trends relevant to psychological wellbeing and practices. In the session held on March 6, 2024, students engaged in the discussion on Anger Management and Psychological First Aid.

Ms. Jeane Claire L. Lasam (Guidance Counselor), directed her discussion on Anger Management by stressing the cultivation of one’s understanding in controlling emotions. She presented practical approaches on how to cope with high levels of stress while balancing both academic and personal responsibilities.

Expounding the topic on Psychological First Aid, Ms. Nicole Marie M. Marcelino, (Adviser, Junior Psychological Society) shared that a key component in creating a safe environment for individuals, especially those who were impacted by negative occurrences, is to regain a sense of support. Accordingly, this can greatly contribute to one’s overall wellbeing and total recovery.

After the presentations, an open forum followed. Inquiries were answered accordingly and insights on the topics were shared.