Sister Merceditas Ang, SPC (University President) led the SPUP delegation during the institutional visits in Lisbon, Portugal on February 16, 2024 for exploration of international partnerships.

The Catholic University of Portugal, through Prof. Isabel Vasconcelos (Vice Rector for Global Education) and Ms. Graca Contiho (Internationalization Coordinator) received the SPUP team opening opportunities for international partnernership. In the reception meeting, both SPUP and UCP engaged in possible collaborations in research, student and faculty immersion (academic and cultural), international volunteer work for students and teaching innovations. Notably, the Catholic University of Portugal is Top 1 in Portugal in Times Higher Education World University Rankings 2023.

Meanwhile, Pof. Pedro Sebastino, President of AUDAX-ISCTE, welcomed the SPUP group in the afternoon for site visit and learning from the innovation and start-up laboratories of AUDAX-ISCTE. The strong university-industry partnership at this HEI is manifested in the presence of start-up innovation laboratories on campus where students and young alumni are invited to create business ideas with industries and offer services to them. Likely, SPUP is tying-up with AUDAX-ISCTE for business start-ups and future Erasmus+ projects.

Together with Sr. Merceditas were Dr. Agripina Maribbay (Vice President, Academics), Dr. Jeremy Godofredo Morales (Director, Internationalization), Dr. Rosalinda Tanguilan (Director, Knowledge and Information Resource Network), Dr. Juana Rivera (Director, Human Resource), Dr. Teresita Lasam (Director, Student Affairs and Services), Dr. Allan Peejay Lappay (Director, Alumni, External Relations and Advocacies), Dr. Zenaida Estil (University Registrar), Dr. Inicia Bansig (Dean, Graduate School), Dr. Pilar Acorda (Dean, School of Arts, Sciences and Teacher Education), Dr. Emolyn Iringan (Associate Dean, Graduate School), and Mrs. Belen Lim (Coordinator, Entrepreneurship and Employment Center/Auditor, SPUP Alumni Association, Inc.).