November 7, 2023 – The School of Business, Accountancy, and Hospitality Management (SBAHM) held a seminar on “Understanding Consumer Behavior through Marketing Anthropology.” Participated in by students in the College of Business, the academic convergence featured Ms. Carolina (Chiqui) Escareal-Go, a marketing guru and a member of SPUP’s Board of Trustees. At present, she is CEO and Chief Behavioral Strategist of Mansmith and Fielders, Inc.

In her discussion and exchanges with the student-participants, Mrs. Go shed light on how implicit beliefs, values, and practices influence consumer behavior. She also challenged future marketers to be cognizant and reflective on how their products should conform in the cultural world. Accordingly, it is a challenge for all business students into becoming more creative in order to champion consumers and promote cultural diversity. She also underscored avenues to foster ways of looking into customers as people embedded in a culture and to continually focus on their lived experiences along human-centered innovation.

The seminar, held at the Mo. Madeleine Hall was also attended by the Faculty Members of SBAHM, led by Dr. Charito Guillermo (Dean, SBAHM).