St. Paul University Philippines – School of Business, Accountancy, and Hospital Management (SBAHM) collaborated with JiaXin Vocational Technical College of China (JXVTC) during the Online Cultural Exchange Event on December 1, 2022, via Voov.

The endeavor introduced to students of both institution the cultural diversity of the Philippines and China respectively. It aimed to expand their horizon for cultural coexistence through cultural presentations from both countries. JXVTC exhibited the Maritime Silk Road and Live Streaming of Commerce exhibition, while SPUP showcased a cultural and production, as well as a virtual tour on SPUP.

Meanwhile, Sr. Merceditas Ang, SPC (President, SPUP) and Mr. Yang Pei Qiang (President, JXVTC), expressed their commendation, appreciation, and support with the endeavor. Moreover, student participants also expressed their elation and excitement for the said activity.