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Dr. Concepcion G. Doyugan, Associate Professor and Head of the Intercultural Institute for Languages of St. Paul University, explored Taiwan after being accepted as a visiting scholar in Chang Jung Christian University (CJCU) from November 14- December 14, 2016. She conducted training workshops for faculty members of the Department of Translation and Interpretation, the Department of Language Education, and the Department of Nursing. Her first workshop was on “Alternative Learning Assessment,” followed by a workshop on “Interactive Teaching Strategies.” She also delivered a presentation to the faculty on “Enhancing Students’ Global Competition” and “Making SPUP a Choice for International Exposure”

Furthermore, she was tasked to give two speeches for the students on “Philippine Culture”, and “Enhancing Global Competition”. She was also invited to be one of the inspirational speakers in the International Week Celebration at CJCU, together with the Indonesian ambassador and another guest from Malaysia.

Moreover, she also participated in the Roots and Shoots Animal Parade, joining the international students from Malaysia, Indonesia and the Philippines, where she choreographed their movements, which became one of the attractions during the said event. In addition, she led the Filipino students in the Philippine Night Celebration, where the Taiwanese students got to know about the Philippine agricultural practices, famous places, food and the Filipinos who rose from rags to riches.

The exposure provided more avenues for linkages in CJCU and other nearby Taiwanese universities. In fact, she was also given a chance to explore the beautiful places in Taiwan like the Chi Mei Museum, Kaohsiung City, the Anping Museum and other temples in Southern Taiwan.

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