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(By: Mrs. Jhonaliza F.Padilla)

Caritas Christi urget nos!

In compliance with the Department of Education Immersion program, forty- three senior high school students under the Science and Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) and Accountancy and Business Management (ABM) strands participated in the International Immersion Program at Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia on May 14- 26, 2019. The program offers a variety of activities which range from academic exposure, outdoor adventure and service learning.

The following were the students who participated in the immersion: Apostol, Christine Karla C., Apostol, Shaira Germaine A., Bañez, Frances Isabelle T. Baria, Angelica Joleen H. Bautista, Janelle C. Busway, Nikkita Alexia K. Cabaddu, Lorea Fate L. Capalad, Claire M. Cordoba, Andrei Mari M. Cubero, Prince Rovy C. Cubit, Zyreme Anne M. Darisan, Viena Marie G. De Asis, Jesica Marie B.,De Leon, Hans Gericho B. Dela Cruz, Joyce Angela G., Dunbar, Hannie Grace M. Gabriel, Edgar Jerome, Garcia, Earlene, Gario, Rishbel L. Marcos, Kean Karlo S. Mejia, John Lerick J., Mendoza, Dan Macoy N. Miranda, Jerika C. Rondares, Elaine Faye O. Supan, Carlos Joaquin M, Sychangco, Krell Mathew, Tagayun, Shaila Mae A. , Umeran, Pauline Hannah F. , Valdez Noreen Kate A. ,Villegas Andrea Camille R. , Castro, Angelica E. , Garcia, Jan Paul R. , Madolora, Agape Love A. , Mary May Jeslyn Canceran, Miranda, Engelbert A. ,Pentecostes, Ridel Maricar R. , Reyes, Zephyr Sydney S. , Villacillo, Laerish Shane S. , Cabulisan, Gwyneth D. , Taylan, Jasmine Joy S. , Suet , Ruthgail F. , Invierno, Ma. Cristina I. and Invierno, Ma. Cristine I.

Realizing the university’s vision and mission in creating academic ties with foreign counterparts who aim for academic excellence, the immersion program was in partnership with Newton College and Karisma International College which was organized by Ms. Sri Devi Aynaru, project manager and international trainer. During the two-week immersion, students had an intensive business simulation training focusing on the following modules – Inter-personal Relationship in the Workplace and Professional Ethics, Communication Skills and Report Writing, Financial Literacy, Entrepreneurship and e-Commerce,Fundamentals of Operational Management, Computer Application,Career Directional Overview: New Skills and Jobs, and Introduction to Business Management and Marketing, which enabled the students to experience a different working-learning environment;thus, paved the way of enhancing their capabilities, skills and strengths.

Furthemore, the students explored the enchanting tourist destinations of Kuala Lumpur City, like the iconic Malaysian landmark and the world’s tallest twin structures-the Petronas Twin Tower, KL Tower, Independence Square, National Museum, King’s Palace, Royal Selangor, Central Market and theChocolate Gallery. The team also toured to Malacca City, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

This extraordinary privilege of embarking in a quest to enhance the students’ academic foundations is indeed a big help in their thrust to preparing themselves in the complexities of the modern workplace. Indeed, this immersion to an array of activities caters to the students’ understanding of how crucial it is to learn by experience.

The students were accompanied by Mrs. Jhonaliza F. Padilla and Mr. Christian Dulin, Basic Education Unit faculty.

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