St. Paul University Philippines



Upon the assumption into office of a new set of Board of Directors and Officers, a movement was launched  PAULINIANISM. It is an ideological concept, a philosophy and a way of life that is characterized by a sense of belonging and charity that results in the continuing spiritual conversion of the human person. In effect, by belonging and giving and receiving, the lover and the beloved, the donor and the donee, the giver and the receiver are equally transformed in the Christian context.

The Alumni Association likewise seeks, as an operative result of the above mentioned Paulinianistic movement, to encourage openness and more profound intercourse with the social environment. A cloistered system of relating with the environment deprives the Paulinian community and its environment the opportunity to grow.

Hence a true sense of belonging must be engineered. Incursions by state-sponsored educational institutions threaten private, catholic colleges and universities. A counter-operative move is in the works to assist the University in propagating interest in Paulinian education. A job replacement system though yet informal - has been set up to assist graduates land jobs in organizations where Paulinian alumni have ascendant roles. Continuing financial assistance is likewise extended to the University in the face of rising prices and costs.

In a nutshell, we have an Alumni Association that believes primarily in the philosophy of PAULINIANISM. At best, we believe that altruism is the only way every Paulinian must go in order to be truly happy.