The Philippine Association of Colleges and Universities (PACU), with the support of the Private Education Assistance Committee (PEAC) spearheaded a webinar on “The Art and Practice of Deanship 4.0,” via Zoom teleconferencing on May 04, 2023. The webinar featured a roster of top caliber speakers and outstanding educational leaders: Sr. Merceditas Ang, SPC (President, St. Paul University Philippines), Dr. Dodjie Maetrecampo (President, Mapua Malayan Colleges Laguna), Dr. Glenn Laigo (Chief Learning Officer, PHINMA Education Philippines), Dr. Ignacio Cordova (Dean, College of Business and Accountancy, Our Lady of Fatima University), and Arch. Asela Domingo (Dean, School of Environment and Design, De La Salle-College of St. Benilde). They provided the participants with key information and insights on the vital knowledge, skills, and attitude needed by deans, responsibilities of dean, issues in deanship, evolving role of deans, and leadership capabilities of deans.

In her sharing, Sr. Merceditas Ang, SPC (University President) emphasized that in “Spotting the next Rockstar Dean,” she goes for “a blend of competence and character and the balanced integration of the mind, the heart, and the soul.”

After their sharing, Dr. Sergio Cao (President, Tytana Colleges) led the speakers by engaging them in a panel discussion. They provided answers and reflections to the queries of participants highlighting the art and practice of deanship relevant to the transitions, transformations and trajectories in Higher Education brought about by Industry 4.0 (FiRE) and 5.0 (AI) as well as strategies for school administrators to recognize and empower future deans and academic heads in colleges and universities.

PACU’s webinar was participated in by School Presidents, Vice Presidents for Academic Affairs, Deans, Program Chairpersons and Faculty members from all over the country. SPUP was represented by Dr. Agripina Maribbay, (Vice President for Academics), Dr. Fe Mallari (Dean, School of Arts, Sciences, and Teacher Education), Dr. Charito Guillermo (Dean, School of Business, Accountancy, and Hospitality Management), Dr. Marifel Kummer (Dean, School of Information Technology and Engineering) and Dr. Annunciacion Talosig (Dean, School of Nursing and Allied Health Sciences).