SPUP’s Paulinian Volunteers for Community Development (PVCD) – UNESCO Club leaders namely, Mr. Yowelle Ched Sedano (BS Public Administration), Mr. Emiterio Nicolas (BS Social Work), Mr. Lester Balicao, and Ms. Geraldinne De Chavez (BS Nursing), actively participated in the International Assembly of Youth for UNESCO (Y4U) 2022, with the theme: “SDG 14: Harnessing the power of youth as global citizens to heal the ocean”, on December 9-11, 2022 at the Bayview Park Hotel, Manila.

Y4U is one of the flagship programs of the National Coordinating Body of UNESCO Clubs in the Philippines (NCBUCP), centered on bringing UNESCO clubs together, to share knowledge and fresh perspectives, solidify their impact, and to work together in the global community, particularly in the Asian-Pacific Federation of UNESCO Clubs and Associations. This is along the pursuit of NCBUCP to join the World Federation of UNESCO Clubs and Associations.

On the first day of the conference, SPUP delegates, together with Mrs.  Noemi Cabaddu, (Director, Community Development Center and Adviser, PVCD) received the award for the reaccreditation of PVCD as UNESCO CLUB and as an outstanding UNESCO CLUB for culture category. The said recognition is for the organization’s efforts on the cultural protection and preservation of Indigenous Communities.

Moreover, the second day was highlighted with the delegates’ participation in the academic competitions and cultural night. Mr. Nicolas ranked 6th place in the on-the-spot essay writing contest; Mr. Sedano placed 8th in the on-the-spot poster making contest, while Mr. Balicao and Ms. De Chavez bagged 7th place out of 32 competing teams in the College Quiz Bowl. Mr. Sedano also served as one of the moderators during the plenary sessions on Education; Master of Ceremonies; and Copy Editor of the Souvenir Program of the 2022 Y4U conference.

Furthermore, Mrs. Noemi Cabaddu (PVCD Adviser), Dr. Allan Peejay Lappay (PVCD Co-Adviser), and Ms. Mardilyn Garcia (PVCD Former President), were elected as Officers of NCBUCP for 2023 to 2024. The said UNESCO Conference was attended by over 400 delegates from 120 accredited UNESCO Clubs in the Philippines.