In its desire to equip students with strategies in coping with stress and anxiety, SPUP Graduate School Office spearheads a webinar with the theme, “Sustaining Mental Health and Well-Being Through Music” on November 19, 2022. Over 800 attendees gathered online via MS Teams to listen to Dr. Michael Young, a reputable music lover who finished his Masters and Doctorate degree in Music from the University of Southern California.

“Apart from rest, physical activities, and meditation, music is an effective means of releasing stress. Hence, a constant exposure to it doesn’t only lower lower your blood pressure and your heart rate which both spike when you’re stressed, but also make you even more productive at home and at work,” emphasized Dr. Young during his talk.

“As SPUP steps up and nurtures its creative DNA, it boosts positive energy and mindset by giving opportunities for both students and teachers to bolster their mental health and well-being,” said University President Sr. Merceditas Ang, spc during her inspirational message.

Meanwhile, Vice President for Academics and Quality Assurance Dr. Agripina Maribbay welcomed the participants in the virtual event which was followed by Statement of the Purpose delivered by Graduate School Dean Dr. Inicia Bansig.

Capping off the webinar was an open forum which enabled guests to have conversation with the said international speaker and answer their questions regarding music as an approach to mental health and well-being.