September 21, 2022 – St. Paul University Philippines (SPUP), in cooperation with the World Council for Curriculum and Instruction (WCCI), celebrated the International Day of Peace. The observance was celebrated along with the call of Pope Francis for a “Season of Creation.” This year’s joint commemoration was highlighted by initiatives and activities on “Building Peace in the Season of Creation.” Organized by the Paulinian Student Government (PSG) and the Center for External Relations, Alumni, and Advocacies, SPC Sisters, Administrators, Faculty members, staff and personnel, students, and parents gathered together to celebrate the event.

As a launching activity on September 20, 2022, the PSG spearheaded an art exhibit dubbed as “PEACEs of Art” at the SPUP-NSTP Park. The endeavor displayed artworks and photos of the peace initiatives of the different academic units in the University.

The main program began with a “WALK for PEACE” led by student-leaders of the different organizations in the University. They held placards of Bible quotations on peace and care for creation aimed at instilling collective consciousness to work for building peace and stewardship as a personal and an institutional commitment. This was followed by an Ecumenical Liturgy consisted of the symbolic offering, intercessory prayers, and the prayer for peace. The prayer gathering emphasized the call to peace and care for creation as a communal act and a responsibility. The activity culminated by a pledge of commitment through the “THREAD of PEACE” and the community singing of “Let There Be Peace” by all the participants. The endeavor signified the willingness of SPUP community to lead in peacebuilding and care for creation initiatives.

The joint celebration of the Day of Peace and the Season of Creation echoes the shared hope of SPUP Community to foster a sustainable environment and form peace-loving citizens for the next generations to come.