Ms. Jessa Mae G. Dela Cruz, (BEU-JHS Grade 9 student) garnered numerous awards as she competed in various National and International Mathematics and English competitions for this academic year, 2020-2021. Her victories were testaments of the unwavering Paulinian excellence amidst the COVID-19 pandemic.

Ms. Dela Cruz clinched the following awards:  UNRMO 2020-2021 Qualifier for 1st & 2nd rounds with 98% Percentile, Gold Medalist Merit Certificate, and International Zone Rank 9; Hua Xia Cup 2021 – 2nd Honor/Silver Medalist; KGL Contest in English 2021; MCFKTP 2020-2021 – National Qualifier; WMO 2021 – Excellence Award; IMWiC 2020 – Bronze Medalist; SEAMO X 2021 – Credit Medalist; ITMC 2021 – Merit Award; CFM 2021 – Merit Award; and, CEMC 2021 Cayley 2021, IKMC 2021, IMOYA 2020 – Certificate of Participation.

The aforementioned awards were made possible by Ms. Dela Cruz’ relentless training and drive to make a difference even in her early age.