On March 07, 2021, the World Education Leaders Summit and Awards held its Virtual International Conference with the theme: “Education For Values, Of Values, By Values: Why, What, How.” The said academic convergence was organized by the International Center for Excellence in Education (INCEED) and the Society for Perpetuation of Art, Culture and Education (SPACE). The virtual undertaking was participated in by over 150 educator-delegates from India, Philippines, Malaysia, Pakistan, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, Mongolia, Australia, Ireland, and Canada.

The highlight of the conference was the Virtual Awarding Ceremonies for Exemplary Leadership in Education. The awards were presented in recognition of individual professionals as well as institutions towards the promotion and integration of quality and values in education. Joining the roster of international awardees were SPUP administrators, namely: SISTER MERCEDITAS O. ANG, SPC (University President) and DR. ALLAN PEEJAY M. LAPPAY (Director, Alumni, External Relations and Advocacies).

Sr. Merceditas was bestowed OUTSTANDING LEADERSHIP AWARD in recognition of her outstanding contribution and commitment to create positive, supportive, and sustainable working and learning environment towards quality education.

Dr. Lappay was awarded OUTSTANDING PROFESSOR FOR HOLISTIC DEVELOPMENT OF STUDENTS in acknowledgement of his works promotive of the integration of quality and value-based education towards the holistic growth of students.  

The summit also featured the presentations and discussions of distinguished speakers on Values Education.

Ms. Anita Devraj (Executive Awardee, Governments of Australia and Japan), emphasized the importance of Values Education as basis of living and leading in harmony and social progress. Ms. Frances Ferreira (Education Specialist, Canada), pointed out that teaching Values Education is a process that instils moral standards to create more civil and democratic societies. Dr. Sriprapha Petcharamesree (Member of Governing Board of UNESCO, Thailand), focused on the characteristics of Values Education promoted by UNESCO such as collective identity, critical thinking, cooperation, global vision, and social skills. Furthermore, Dr. Daya Pant (National Council of Educational Research and Training, India), relayed that Values Education promotes tolerance and understanding above and beyond one’s political, cultural, and religious differences, while Prof. M.K. Das (National University of Mongolia), explained that Values Education is the responsibility of all and not just of schools. Finally, in his synthesis, Dr. Kuldeep Agarwal (Ministry of Education, India) related the importance of Values Education to the transcendental aspirations of human life – Truth, Goodness, and Beauty.

After all the presentations, the summit also fostered an opportunity for information exchanges, sharing of best practices and collaborative discussions through an open forum.