Jessie G. Dela Cruz, Jr. (Grade 4) and Jessa Mae G. Dela Cruz (Grade 9) won silver and bronze medals respectively in the International Mathematics Wizard Challenge (IMWiC) held virtually on November 14, 2020. The Dela Cruz siblings were among the Filipino Math Wizards who won 459 awards in the said challenge.

According to the Mathematics Development Academy of the Philippines, which released the result on December 02, 2020, “the math wizards from the Philippines achieved an important triumph against their Asian rivals from Taiwan, Malaysia, Macau, Thailand, and Indonesia for being the only country other than China that garnered the most number of (gold) medals.”

The International Mathematics Wizard Challenge aims to provide opportunities to students to develop their reasoning ability and creative thinking skill to solve challenging problems, while forging a spirit of brotherhood and cooperation among participants for better understanding and respect of cultural diversity.