In a night of beauty and glamour, the grades 9 and 10 paraded their exquisite ball gowns and suits during the Junior High School Promenade 2020 at the Global Center, on February 28.

With the venue glittering with lights and fancy decorations of Vintage Hollywood, the promenade formally started as Sr. Merceditas O. Ang, SPC, (University President) lit the symbolic ceremonial candle, following the message of Mrs. Glenda P. Caronan, (Principal, BEU)

While the afternoon filled with sheer excitement, the dancefloor heated up with the Presidential Dance and the Cotillion de Honor. After which, the senior officers, led by Ms. Pamela Manongas and Mr. Allen Gamazon, heartedly turned over the key of responsibility to the rightful juniors who willingly accepted the challenge, as Ms. Lana Nikkita Mamba read the Batch Will and Testament.

The night was filled with music and dances with Mr. Karlos Kanapi and Ms. Pamela Manongas crowned as Prom King and Queen, Mr. Niccholae Rodriguez and Ms. Jenna Dee as Prom Prince and Princess. Mr. Magermy Saquing and Ms. Michelle Taylor, Mr. Ferwin Tan and Ms. Sofia Hornachos, Mr. Chrisitan Del Rosario and Ms. Mirtie Tan, and Mr. Russell Buquel and Ms. Kaela Tallud completed the royal throne.

The event was an avenue to cultivate social graces and etiquettes among the students and indeed a night of wonderful memories which the students cherish for the rest of their life.