Japanese and Filipino youth ambassadors of goodwill facilitated the seminar-workshop on “Peace Education and Paper Cranes for Peace” for SPUP’s Munting Barangay officers on February 26, 2020. More than 300 young Paulinian leaders of the Grade School Department participated in the activity.

Japanese Youth Ambassador Ms. Nana Tsukamoto, Philippine National Leader Judge Jamel Mamutuk, and Philippine Youth Ambassadors Ms. Czarina Dionglay and Mr. John Kit Masigan talked about the narratives of Nagasaki Bombing in Japan and how world peace was redefined by such historic mishap as a re-echoing activity of their Nagasaki, Japan Cultural Exchange Experience in the 46th SSEAYP.

“After the atomic bomb attack in 1945, may this be a reminder for the abolition of nuclear weapons and a pledge never to take arms again. Nagasaki must be the last place exposed to an atomic bomb.” said Ms. Dionglay as she narrates the experiences of not only the Japanese but all other victims across the globe.

Meanwhile, Nana Tsukamoto led the “1,000 Paper Cranes for Peace Origami Workshop” whereby students were taught the most popular form of paper folding in Japan and how this can make one’s wish come true while becoming a symbol of hope and healing during challenging times. As a sign of well wishes for peace, The paper cranes created by the student leaders were donated to Nagasaki, Japan through Nagasaki Higashi Junior High School.

Iligan City Municipal Trial Court Judge Jamel Mamutuk highlighted in his closing speech that as these young kids grow, they should learn the culture of dialogue while accepting that differences are what make people complementary.