The Paulinian Volunteers for Community Development (PVCD) – UNESCO Club, in partnership with the Paulinian Student Government (PSG) and Community Extension Services (CES) spearheaded the Pinas Forward Forum at the University Gymnasium on February 12, 2020.

Pinas Forward is a nation-building movement which organizes fora, talks and camps for youth empowerment, transformational leadership and nationalism. The endeavors are in partnership with Message, Movement, Media Inc. (MVMI).

Mr. June Joson (Pinas Forward Head for Operations), elaborated the topics on Filipino brand of leadership, Digital Bayanihan and Barangay Walang Iwanan. Mr. Jeff Richard Segumalian (Field Administrator, Pinas Forward), expounded that the fulfillment of “Kilig sa Bayan” and love for the country are entrenched in trusting and supporting one another. Furthermore, the consolidated vision of PVCD Advisers, Mrs. Noemi Cabaddu and Dr. Allan Lappay and PSG Adviser, Ms. Alma Quinagoran purported the critical role of the Filipino youth in moving the Philippines forward.

Meanwhile, SPUP delegates (Lyder Olivas, Dave Garcia, Nicole Marcelino and Mardilyn Garcia) in the 2019 Pinas Forward Pinuno Camp attested how the aforementioned camp revolutionized their view about servant leadership in pursuit of redefining their respective student organizations.

PVCD-UNESCO Club and Pinas Forward forged a Memorandum of Agreement for the conduct of a Pinuno Camp for the Paulinian learners this 2020.