“Because you receive Jesus, be more like Him” said Fr. Adalbert Barut in his homily during the 1st Holy Communion held at the Our Lady of Chartres Chapel last February 1, 2020. The celebrant highlighted in his message that there are two sacrifices for that day – “…Jesus sacrificed Himself for us; and we also sacrifice for Jesus”. After these words from Fr. Adalbert propelled the communicants to be more obedient and aware of God’s presence in their lives, he requested the pupils to approach and kiss their parents as a gesture of love and thanksgiving.

95 Paulinian communicants gathered together with their parents in this annual spiritual activity which aims to nurture young pupils as members of the Catholic community.

CLVE Subject Team Leader Mrs. Loida Esmundo said that year by year, they witness a positive change in the behavior of students after they receive their first holy communion, as evidenced in their optimum participation during the Eucharistic Celebrations.

Through the assistance of the Christian Formation Team, BEU teachers facilitated series of spiritual exercises and rehearsals in preparation for this year’s first communion.