Prior to the opening of the 4th SPUP International Interdisciplinary Research Conference (IIRC4) and as a way of framing the IIRC presenters, Dr. Maria Bryce Fabro, Chief Executive Officer of BRYCE Inspired Careers and COO of Ascendens Asia oriented the research-presenters on the importance of connecting to the audience.

In her topic, “Research Presentation Literacy” Dr. Fabro emphasized that 98% of the audience is bored especially with technical research presentations.

“Your audience is actually tracing your face, and oftentimes, what they ‘drew’ does not correspond with what presenters expect,” said Dr. Fabro after a simulated ice-breaker of face-tracing to the attendees.

Furthermore, she pointed out that the common pitfalls of speakers include lack of clarity with what to convey, being too technical, and lack of connection to the audience.

“We intend to make an impact, to connect; you are not an A.I. to be too technical. As presenters, we stand for the audience and not for our talk. From being complex, let us be simple,” exclaimed the BRYCE CEO.

The pre-conference was held in the Global Center on December 12, 2019. It was concluded with a stress on the following must-remember: the point, through-line, connection, story, close, and impact.