On November 5, 2019, Dr. Rene Bersoto (SPUP Visiting Professor), discussed “Social Communication” to more than 50 Office Staff of the University at the College Guidance Multi-Purpose Room. The activity is part of the Staff Development Session organized by the Human Resource Office in partnership with the Alumni, External Relations and Advocacies Office.

Dr. Bersoto highlighted communication as a social act. As frontliners in providing services of SPUP, it involves day-to-day dealings with stakeholders. It is more than just saying words. Moreover, he also emphasized that in various communication platforms, ethics is at the core. This involves authenticity, transparency and integrity.

He also explained to the participants that as part of the SPUP academic community, they carry the brand of the University of making a difference globally. Accordingly, it is both a challenge and a responsibility. It is living out personal values guided by institutional principles.

The presentation elicited stories on the manner the frontliners handled situations that tested their capability to communicate with various customers.