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(by: Mr. Bryan Echanique)

Caritas Christi urget nos!

To orient and capacitate all employees for AY 2018-2019, St. Paul University Philippines conducted its annual pre-opening activities on August 28 – September 1, 2018 with the theme “Quality Life and Work.”

The first day was highlighted by the talk of Sr. Merceditas Ang, SPC (University President), on SPUP’s Strategic Directions. In her message, she said that character, competence, commitment, service and leadership serve as the foundation of quality life and work. She also said that every educator’s work in the University should be rooted in vision, mission, and inspiration. She also presented the administrators for the upcoming school year. Thereafter, the members of faculty and personnel were presented by their respective vice presidents, deans, and unit heads. The new employees were also presented by Dr. Juana C. Rivera (Director, Human Resource Management). In the afternoon, Fr. Renan Michael F. La Guardia, SDB, delivered a talk anchored on the theme “Quality Life and Work.” In his message, Fr. Renan reminded everyone that Christian educators are called to a life of holiness, that is: Teachers are called to be saints and heroes to their students every day. He also added that SPUP educators are exceptionally blessed because the pre-opening activities give them the opportunity to be in union with God.

On the second day, Fr. Renan continued his talk on the theme. He said that “we are relational beings,” and he expatiated on the five (5) SPUP Core Values, quoting what St. Paul the Apostle said in relation to each value. He also underscored the concept of communion, relating it to the term koinonia, which means “with God” or “with others.” He elaborated on this by citing as examples the trinity and divine intimacy.

Dr. Juana C. Rivera (Director, Human Resource Management), and Dr. Allan Peejay Lappay (Director, Alumni, External Relations and Advocacies) discussed some important University updates that all employees need to know about on the third day.

The SPUP Family headed to Kangaroo Beach Resort on the fourth day, where various team complementation activities like “Animal Cheer,” “Pastawer,” “Roll the Ball,” “Ball Hole,” and “Mr. & Miss Q & A Season 2,” were held. Mr. Ian Jaylord F. Beran and Ms. Marjorie A. Tumanguil from the Guidance & Counseling Office dazzled the audience with their charm and their wit in answering humorous questions and were crowned as Mr. & Miss Q & A. The night of fun and laughter ended with the awarding of prizes and a community dancing.

The final day of the pre-opening activities was spent for leisure. A Eucharistic Celebration was culminated the activities with Rev. Fr. Domingo Resureccion, OFM, as celebrant. Lunch followed the mass; afterward, the University set off for home at around 4 o’clock in the afternoon.

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