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Caritas Christi urget nos!

His Excellency Most Reverend Gabriele Giordano Caccia, DD, Apostolic Nuncio to the Philippines, celebrated the fourth Sunday of Lent at SPUP’s Our Lady of Chartres Chapel. Msgr. Sergio Utleg, DD (Archbishop of Tuguegarao), Msgr. Gabriel Viola (Secretary of the Nuncio) and some diocesan clergy from the Archdiocese of Tuguegarao concelebrated the mass with him.

The Nuncio was applauded when he began his homily by greeting the congregation in Ibanag. He also expressed his gratitude for the invitation to celebrate the mass in SPUP, as SPC Sisters are working with him at the Nunciature in Manila. He said: “after the mass in St. Peter’s Cathedral, we have to come here in St. Paul, as the University is a place for young people; and, that the upcoming Synod in October 2018 will discuss the participation of the Youth in the Church.”

Reflecting on the Gospel, Msgr. Caccia urged the congregation to be always grateful for the gifts received from God. He emphasized that: “seeing Jesus is not a question of having a sense of sight, but rather on having a pure heart.” He then addressed the young people by saying that: “Jesus is gauge of loving as he is willing to sacrifice. Just like your parents, because they love you, they also sacrifice in sending you to school.”

Members of SPUP academic community (SPUP-SPC Sisters, students, parents, teachers, staff and personnel), alumni, Friends of St. Paul, SPC Sisters from St. Paul Hospital and from Aparri; Franciscan Sisters and Holy Spirit Sisters were in attendance in the Eucharistic Celebration. After the mass, the Nuncio had a photo opportunity with the Sisters and the students.

(The Nuncio was in Cagayan as he attended the celebration of Msgr. Utleg’s Golden Anniversary as Priest and 21 Years as Bishop. Moreover, SPUP hosted the former Nuncio to the Philippines, Msgr. Giuseppe Pinto, in 2012.)

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