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Caritas Christi urget nos!

(by: Dr. Concepcion Doyugan)

Upon the invitation of Akira Tangoku, MD., PhD., (Dean of the Faculty of Medicine and the Dean of the Graduate School Medical Science of Tokushima University), Tokushima, Japan, Sister Mercerditas O. Ang, SPC (SPUP President), visited the university to fortify international collaboration last February 17-21, 2018. Both heads agreed to support their partnership on the following areas: research, English and Japanese language training and the establishment of a Japanese Language Center at SPUP. Sister Merceditas was also invited in the Open Campus of the Graduate School of Health Sciences on her talk,” Globalization and International Research” where she presented the internationalization endeavors and research outputs of SPUP.

Elizabeth Baua, DNS, (SPUP Dean of Nursing and Allied Health Sciences) was invited to present a lecture for the Oncology Nursing Seminar on the topic, “Circumstances of Oncology Nursing in the Philippines” with the Tokushima Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences and the Graduate School of Medical Sciences. Furthermore, she was also invited as an external panel to comment on the researches of the graduate students during the Open Campus. In addition, Concepcion G. Doyugan, PhD, (SPUP Head of the Intercultural Institute for Languages) was also invited to give a lecture on “Opportunities for Internationalization through Global Education” with the faculty and students of the Health Sciences Department and Institute of Biomedical Sciences. Moreover, she was given the chance to conduct one-day English language training with students from Nursing and Laboratory Science Department where she demonstrated strategies on how she could successfully make the students speak and write in English.

The delegation had a courtesy call to President Sumihare Noji, (Tokushima University), who was very positive of the collaborative effort of SPUP and Tokushima University. He believed that the international research partnership will help boost research and foster more quality research outputs. In fact, he was supportive of sending a faculty delegation to the International Health Conference at SPUP in December, 2018. Furthermore, he perceived a promising venture in training Nursing and Medical Science graduates of SPUP and their eventual deployment to Japan through the establishment of the Japanese Language Center. Moreover, he was convinced that the English language learning will also help in the internationalization of their graduates.

They also made a courtesy call to Minoru Irahara, MD., PhD (Dean of Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences) and Akira Tangoku, MD., PhD. (Dean of the Faculty of Medicine and the Dean of the Graduate School Medical Science).

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