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Caritas Christi urget nos!

(by: Ms. Abelyn Bunagan)

St. Paul University Philippines conducted a two-day seminar-workshop on Outcomes-Based Education spearheaded by the Father of OBE, Dr. William Spady, former Harvard University professor, held on February 2-3, 2018 at the 2nd floor conference room Global Center to provide insights among the teachers of SPUP about the proposed paradigm shift in OBE.

Solemn prayer in doxology was led by PRIMOSA before officially starting the program. Dr. Janette T. Fermin , the master of ceremonies, introduced Sr. Merceditas O. Ang, SPC for the opening remarks wherein she briefly stated the gist of OBE essentially encapsulated in three premises which Dr. Spady has further elaborated in his 7-hour lecture on the first day of the seminar. Dr. Spady has elaborated on the general idea of OBE in which putting into congruency the curriculum into developing necessary traits among the students called ‘outcome of significance’ where it is not merely the ‘output’ or what is being passed as a requirement but it is the ‘outcome of significance’ wherein the students should develop necessary skills that not only applies for employment but that which ‘lasts’.

The second day of the seminar commenced the workshop proper for the participants. Teachers from the tertiary level and the BEU were separated for each group as given different types of handouts pertaining to the expected outputs of the facilitators. Each table was asked to analyze handouts given to each participant and to develop statements pertaining to the outcome of significance that applies to the level of the learners. The facilitators went around the room to assist the participants. Dr. Elias Sampa catered to the BEU and Dr. Spady to the tertiary level. The workshop aims to further provide an understanding of the proposed OBE and to garner the insights of the participants in developing the new proposed program. The outputs were collected as soon as the two facilitators have covered the entire tale in the venue. The program officially ended by the awarding of certificates and tokens facilitated by Ms. Fredelina Carpio.

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