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(by: Dr. Jeremy Godofredo Morales)

Sr. Merceditas Ang, SPC (University President) and Dr. Jeremy Godofredo Morales, (Director, International Relations), were among the few HEI representatives invited by CHED to participate in the Internationalization of Higher Education in the Philippines: Strategic Planning Training Program held in Cebu City on January 31 - February 1, 2018 organized by the Commission on Higher Education (CHED) and the Canadian Bureau for International Education (CBIE).

The said conference highlighted talks from Canadian Bureau for International Education Professors Dr. Hans de Wit of Boston College, USA and Dr. Sonja Knutson of Memorial University, Canada where both gurus emphasized the nature and capacity of a higher education institution towards internationalization.

Prof. Hans de Wit talked about global, regional and national contexts of higher education and its impact on internationalization where he encouraged the trainees to be adept with national, regional and international policies and laws that abound the internationalization of an educational institution. Moreover, Prof. Hans instigated the importance of forging strategic partnerships with various educational, governmental as well as private institutions which may be helpful for the sustainability of internationalization.

Prof. Sonja Knutson, on the other hand, inspired the trainees and participants on management, governance and administration of internationalization stating that a strong management support for internationalization will keep the purpose afloat and sailing until all members have imbibed the thrusts of internationalization. She further clarified the delineation of internationalization at home and internationalization abroad where there should be much effort to be done at home especially in terms of internationalizing the curriculum and strengthening the global competencies of the students to prepare them for global work as well as creating an international and intercultural community on campus. Meanwhile, internationalization abroad would be as important but may not solely be the main focus and source of internationalization but be based on the existing capacity and capability of the institution.

As the conference was a conclusion of the in-Canada Training on Internationalization of selected 15 PHEIs, Dr. Morales presented the Internationalization Framework of SPUP like the 14 other participants did.

A Commitment to Internationalization of Philippine Higher Education was signed by the 15 Canada-trained HEI members and their presidents as manifestation of their support for the initiatives of CHED on the internationalization of higher education in the Philippines.

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