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Caritas Christi urget nos!

(by: Mr. Darwin Jake Felina)

St. Paul University Philippines has formally signed Memoranda of Agreements and Understanding with the different partner Schools and Universities in Indonesia, on December 15, 2017 at the Global Center.

The signing of MOA and MOU with the different partner schools include promotion of beneficial requirements for faculty development, exchange of professors, students and publications, cultural immersions and other academic activities that will form part on development and improvement of the quality of education delivered by SPUP and all partner schools. Moreover, the two most important provisions of the signing of MOA and MOU were SPUP and Indonesian Institute shall endeavor to develop interfaith program and mechanisms to foster peaceful and mutually beneficial collaborations between the two institutions and among Filipino and Indonesian students in an environment of transparency, mutual respect and professionalism to uphold the interest of both institutions were in both must abide the laws of Indonesia and the Republic of the Philippines.

The four partner schools in MOA and the signatories were the following: for SPUP, Sr. Merceditas O. Ang SPC, University President; Partner signatories, BernardaTeting, MSN, Director, AKPER Dirgahayu, Samarinda, Indonesia; Sr. Imelda Widayani, SFS, MSN, Director, AKPER Yatna Yuana Lebak, Banten, Indonesia; Chatarina Setya Widyastuti, M.Kep, NS. Sp. Kep, M.B, Chairwoman, STIKES PantiRapih, Yogyakarta, Indonesia and Mr.Bernardikus Patrick Daundy, M.AgrSC (Head of Foundation),STIKESJayaputra, Papua, Indonesia. Also, four partner schools signed the MOU with SPUP: Signatories re ENY PUJIATI, SKM, M.KES, Director, Akademi Kepetawatan Krida Husada Kudus, Cetral Java, Indonesia; Anik Sri Suryani, S.SOS, MSi, Director, Akdemi Keperwatan Rumah Sakit Marthen Indey, Jayaputra, Papua, Indonesia; Ns. Elizabeth Ari Setyarini, S. KepM.Kep, Chairwoman, Santo Boromeus School of Health Sciences, West Java, Indonesia and ENY PUJIATI, SKM, M.Kes, Director, Sikolah TinggiI lmuKesehatan Cendekia Utama Kudus, Central Java, Indonesia.

Witnesses from SPUP were: Dr. Agripina Maribbay, Vice President for Academics and Dr. Ma.Elizabeth Baua, Dean, SNAHS; and for the different Indonesian Institutions, Ms. Maria Floriana Ping MSN, Agustina Sri Oktri Hastuti, Dra. Maria Sumatini, M.SI, Chief, STIKES JAYAPUTRA, Reza Fahman Islami, S.Kep., Ns., Bernardikus Patrick Daundy, M.AgrSc. Head Foundation, Cindiana Cecilia, SS, 3rd Vice Chairwoman and Reza FahmaIslami, S.Kep., Ns. The said signing was facilitated by Dr. Jeremy Godofredo Morales, Director, International Relations Office.

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