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Caritas Christi urget nos!

(by: Dr. Janet Fermin)

Thirty pupils from the Basic Education Unit-Grade School department enthralled a big crowd as they showcased their God-given gifts during the first-ever Paulinian Little Big Shots as part of the celebration of Paskuhan 2017 on December 13, 2017.

The occasion commenced with a robot-exhibition performed by three Grade 4 pupils who are barely four-month old in Robotics. Robotics, as an enrichment of the curriculum is one of the many innovations introduced by Sister Merceditas O. Ang, SPC (University President).

The entire program mesmerized the audience as there were beautiful dances of different genre, alluring song renditions, captivating story-telling and read-a-thon, and a breath-taking time-pressured rubiks cube exhibition. But what made many spectators awestricken was the intellectual prowess of Yuan Francois L. Cabildo, Yeshua Mariae Gabriel N. Lagundi, Gabrien Kyle Chua and Dyhan Earl Reyes.

Francois Yuan, who is from the second grade, appeared to have personally met the US presidents as he recited in chronological order their names. As young as he is he learned to love chemistry as evidenced by his ability to identify all the elements in the periodic table given their atomic numbers and vice versa. This seven-year old boy is also capable of naming the capitals of different countries around the world.

On the other hand, Yeshua, who is a grade1 student, is adept with scientific facts especially anatomy and earth science. He can comprehensively discuss the digestive system, the seven continents, as well as the different oceans in the world. There was a resounding cheer from the crowd when this six-year old boy showed them his dexterity in naming the country given its shape in the map.

Finally, Gabrien and Dyhan , both grade 4 pupils aspire to travel around the world. Motivated by this desire, these two young boys seem to have been endowed with photographic minds as they mastered the capitals of the different countries around the world.

Indeed, this activity has once again manifested that St. Paul University Philippines nurtures the gifts and pursues holistic formation of every Pauli-pino.

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