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Caritas Christi urget nos!

With the presence of Sr. Merceditas Ang, SPC (University President), Lay Administrators, some Faculty Members and Staff, SPUP's poster for its 110th Founding Anniversary celebration was presented at the Students' Forum held at the University Gymnasium on April 19, 2017. Designed by Mr. Rucelj Pugeda (IT Faculty member), the poster captures the meaning of the celebration on May 10, 2017 and signifies thanksgiving and blessings for the University's 110th anniversary commemoration.

1.The Two Buildings (the Old and the New) represent SPUP as the CRADLE of CATHOLIC Learning in Region 2. Moreover, both buildings signify the old and the new SITES of SPUP. The old building represents SPUP’s first learning facility at the grounds of the former St. Peter’s Parish Church, now St. Peter’s Cathedral. It is the Spanish Convento adjoining the Parish Church which the SPC Sisters used as convent and school. On the other hand, the new building is the Fr. Louis Chauvet, (FLC) named after the Founder of the SPC Sisters. It represents SPUP in its present grounds – where the University is CONTINUOUSLY GROWING in SPIRITUALITY and EXCELLENCE and GLOBALLY EXPANDING.

2.The Institutional Logos symbolize SPUP’s TRANSFORMATION– from Colegio de San Pablo (1907) – Sacred Heart of Jesus Institution (SHOJI, 1925) – St. Paul College of Tuguegarao (SPCT, 1948) – St. Paul University (SPU, 1982) – St. Paul University Philippines (SPUP, 2004). They account for SPUP’s faith-journey as the University ensures RELEVANCE, RESPONSIVENESS, SUSTAINABILITY and QUALITY of its educational services through the years.

3.The years 1907 - 2017 are formed by past and recent images and are highlighted by the two buildings indicating the HISTORY and CONTINUITY of SPUP. 1907 is the beginning of SPC MISSION and the establishment of a LEARNING COMMUNITY in Cagayan Valley. This mission and community is now SPUP. 2017 signify a thanksgiving celebration for the STABILITY (of the learning community) and CONSISTENCY (of the mission) of SPUP as it remains steadfast in its commitment to the “formation of competent leaders and responsible citizens of their community, the country and the world.”

4.The theme: SPUP@110: Educating the Young, Serving the Poor, Celebrating God’s Love, speak of the LIFE and MISSION of the University. SPUP@110 represents a milestone of the University as it celebrates its 110th founding anniversary. Educating the young, Serving the poor, and Celebrating God’s Love” speak of SPUP’s purpose (education); commitment (service); and, core-mission (celebration of Faith). They indicate SPUP’s dedication to uplift the quality of life through “quality, Catholic and Paulinian education” to effect personal and social transformation.

5.SPUP takes inspiration from the evangelizing mission and zeal of St. Paul, our Patron. Impelled by the love of Christ (2 Cor. 5:14), SPUP shall continue to endeavor its educational services as its participation in the call to evangelization.

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