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Caritas Christi urget nos!

On March 22, 2017, the SPUP family celebrated and prayed for the University Advocacies on LIFE, PEACE, ENVIRONMENTAL STEWARDSHIP, HERITAGE CONSERVATION and SERVICE. Participated in by SPC Sisters, faculty members and students, the celebration dubbed as “Light for SPUP Advocacies” served as this year’s celebration of the Paulinian Earth Hour. The program was highlighted by a Creative Liturgy in which the SPUP academic community prayed for guidance and wisdom to proactively respond to the challenges of the contemporary social landscape.

Held at the University Gymnasium, the event also featured student-presentations which were inspired by the University Advocacies. Performances through slam poetry, interpretive dance and chorale rendition fostered avenues for students to express their support for the Advocacies of the University on life, peace, heritage conservation and environmental stewardship. The program also included the Students’ Oath of Service led by the Student-Leaders of their respective school. As they recited their oath, candles were lit signifying the transformation of their respective pledge to prayer as they celebrated their calling towards engaged citizenship and social responsibility through active, selfless and voluntary leadership and participation.

The event culminated with the Community singing of the Paulinian Mission song and the Paulinian Hymn. This was organized and spearheaded by the Advocacies Office in cooperation with the Student Affairs Office and Christian Formation Office.

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